If you plan on leaving your home country, the US, for a trip overseas, you want to be certain you have travel health insurance. This type of insurance covers unforeseen medical costs if you become severely ill or suffer an injury from an accident during your time abroad.

What About Standard Medical Insurance?

The medical insurance you have in the US doesn’t cover any medical emergency services or injuries suffered during an abroad trip. It strictly covers your home country. This is where travel health insurance comes in. When you are overseas, any medical emergency services, evacuation fees, or medical assistance is covered by your travel health insurance.

Main Areas of Insurance Coverage

While overseas, if you need an ambulance service or have to be airlifted to a nearby hospital, this is what the medical evacuation fees cover. In the event of death from an accident or severe illness, the transportation of one’s body back to the US or to a nearby funeral home is covered by the emergency medical services.

The Importance of Travel Health Insurance

The general cost of this type of travel insurance coverage is calculated according to your age, coverage requirements, and the length of your trip overseas. If you consider how much your coverage costs per day, it can actually work out to be quite economically viable.

Falling ill or having a bad car accident in a foreign country can be a daunting experience if you have no idea how to get help or where to go. By having full-proof travel insurance coverage, you are guaranteed emergency medical assistance from nearby hospitals and evacuation services with ambulances.

Anything is possible when you are traveling abroad. You may be visiting a country that has no safe drinking water, or, visit a place where the risks of contracting malaria are high. If this is the case, any of these infections can have dire consequences if not treated properly by professional medical services.

Exposure to life-threatening diseases in a foreign country is unpredictable. Travel health insurance saves you money while you’re overseas!

Infographic by: Thrifty Nomads

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