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Always Giving You The Best Travel Insurance Options

You need the best travel health insurance, so let us help you find what works for you!

Globetrotters - Business or Leisure?

We uncover the reasons for both types of travel and the countries frequented by both travelers.

The Breakdown of Travel Health Insurance

Knowing that health insurance for overseas travel definitely saves you time and money!

What Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Travel health insurance plans can be complex, we’ve simplified it right down to the basics.

What Travel Health Insurance Plans Looks like

Some people are completely skeptical about what type of travel health insurance plan to get as there are so many options available with varying degrees of coverage. It can become confusing and intimidating. There are companies out there with consultants who would be happy to assist you. However, we will explore a few basic plans to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Types of Plans

The three basic types of travel health insurance are a single-trip, multi-trip, and long-term option.

Single-Trip Coverage

This plan covers one three month trip abroad. Most companies require an upfront payment for this coverage.

Multi-Trip Coverage

This kind of plan covers regular trips overseas and can generally be purchased in three, six, or twelve-month optional covers.

Long-Term Coverage

If you are a frequent traveler, you can go for the long-term coverage plan that allows you to pay a monthly fee. The plan is renewable every year.

Different Travelers, Different Destinations

Any trip out of your home country can be exciting, especially if you’re visiting exotic destinations. Anyone can travel overseas. This includes businessmen who conduct business all over the world, expatriates, aid workers, and US citizens, of course!

Humanitarian Volunteers

Aid workers work for humanitarian organizations which provide aid to countries struck by disasters. The volunteers are quite prone to viral infections such as malaria, influenza, and other outbreaks of diseases in war-torn and poverty-stricken countries. The most common countries aided with humanitarian efforts are Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

Traveling Businessmen and Women

There are countless companies who send representatives of their businesses to conduct business on their behalf. Countries most frequented by business travelers are the USA, China, Netherlands, Russia, France, Italy, UK, Germany, and many others.


Expats are individuals who do not live in their native country for various reasons. This could be due to individuals who immigrate to other countries, people who have been employed by companies abroad. Not all expats leave their home country permanently.

What kind of traveler are you? Let us help you find a travel health insurance plan today!

Are You Traveling For Business or Leisure?

Usually, people either travel for business or leisure purposes. We thought it might be beneficial to distinguish between the two most common types of travel; business or leisure.

There are significant differences between the two types and we highlight these below.

Business Travels

Companies, especially corporate, require employees to conduct business abroad on their behalf. The various reasons for this could include any of the following:

Businessmen need to maintain old client relationships and build new client relationships. This also includes meeting with suppliers. Businesses may have associates they deal with on a continual basis, therefore networking with these associates is good for business.

Corporate companies are big into their marketing strategies, employees are always scouting for new marketing strategies to improve the company. Employers and business partners often have to attend conferences, expos, or events focused on new business trends as well as to keep up to date with new industry developments. 

The Trip Advisers

Most companies generally work through business travel agencies to work out all the necessities for a business trip. This lightens the load on the company itself without having to worry about flight bookings, accommodation, or car rentals.

Business travel agencies assist companies with flight schedules, booking accommodation, vehicle hire, as well as travel health insurance coverage plans.

Leisurely Travels

People travel for leisurely purposes all the time. As the saying goes, you always need to live life to the fullest. Leisure traveling can definitely make that happen. Those who travel for leisure often visit other countries to explore heritage sites and learn about different cultures, experience new cuisines, visit famous amusement parks, or simply just go away for simple relaxation.

Some of the countries most visited by holiday globetrotters are mainly Turkey, Morocco, Vietnam, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Cambodia, and South Africa.

All of these holiday destinations have a wonderful history to learn about, different cultures, amazing cuisines to try out, and spectacular sightseeing opportunities like the Eiffel Tower or trekking up Table Mountain in Cape Town!

Don’t be afraid to take the leap and travel the world while you still can!

Why You Need Travel Health Insurance

If you plan on leaving your home country, the US, for a trip overseas, you want to be certain you have travel health insurance. This type of insurance covers unforeseen medical costs if you become severely ill or suffer an injury from an accident during your time abroad.

What About Standard Medical Insurance?

The medical insurance you have in the US doesn’t cover any medical emergency services or injuries suffered during an abroad trip. It strictly covers your home country. This is where travel health insurance comes in. When you are overseas, any medical emergency services, evacuation fees, or medical assistance is covered by your travel health insurance.

Main Areas of Insurance Coverage

While overseas, if you need an ambulance service or have to be airlifted to a nearby hospital, this is what the medical evacuation fees cover. In the event of death from an accident or severe illness, the transportation of one’s body back to the US or to a nearby funeral home is covered by the emergency medical services.

The Importance of Travel Health Insurance

The general cost of this type of travel insurance coverage is calculated according to your age, coverage requirements, and the length of your trip overseas. If you consider how much your coverage costs per day, it can actually work out to be quite economically viable.

Falling ill or having a bad car accident in a foreign country can be a daunting experience if you have no idea how to get help or where to go. By having full-proof travel insurance coverage, you are guaranteed emergency medical assistance from nearby hospitals and evacuation services with ambulances.

Anything is possible when you are traveling abroad. You may be visiting a country that has no safe drinking water, or, visit a place where the risks of contracting malaria are high. If this is the case, any of these infections can have dire consequences if not treated properly by professional medical services.

Exposure to life-threatening diseases in a foreign country is unpredictable. Travel health insurance saves you money while you’re overseas!

Infographic by: Thrifty Nomads